Track History

John Henry Garrett had a vision of drag racing in his eyes. In 1959, with the help of his wife Ruby and his sons Keith, Michael, and Gary, he made this vision a reality and it was known as Person County Dragstrip. The name was changed to Roxboro Dragway in the mid 70"s. He opened the dragstrip with a dirt surface and ran it this way in 1959 and 1960. In 1961, John Henry had the track paved for the first time and it was barely wide enough for two cars. The track was later widened to it's current width in 1970. John Henry always ran the track as a 1/4 mile. In 1962, the great Ronnie Sox brought his red bubble-top, 409 "Thunder in Carolina", 1962 Chevy to the 1st Annual Easter Bash. All of the top Super Stock (what is now called Pro Stock) stars from all over the country were there as Ray Bullock announced the race. Throughout John Henry's ownership, he had the top cars and drivers from east coast to west coast, along with all the local racers appearing at his track. Bill Jenkins, Bob Glidden, Roy Hill, Brooklyn Heavy, Harold Denton, Tom Grove, Richard Petty, Dyno Don Nicholson, Dee Simmons, Jungle Jim, and Tommy Ivo were just a few of the Drag Racing Legends that raced at Henry's track. Mr. Garrett owned and operated the Dragway from 1959 to 1981 and was a Hall of Fame Inductee in 2002. Mr. Garrett and Mrs. Garrett both passed away in 2012.

Henry and Jerry Martin have owned and operated the track since 2003. They too had a vision as racers themselves. So in 2006 they expanded the pit area to accommodate new drivers and fans. And lastly but certainly not least they have had the whole racing surface reconstructed with concrete. to date the facility is known as "Roxboro Motorsports Dragway" and continues hold what has become the track's most famous event "The Annual Easter Bash".

As of 2014 the new owners of Roxboro Motorsports Park are Danny Grizzard and Jr Ward. Lots of changes being done to the track. Great things to come.  2014 the track had major improvements and more to come.

2016 Great Things to Come............